Resnick Spring 2023 Book


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Coffee, Supplies Creamers, Sweeteners, K Cups, Syrups, Cups Snacks, Candy Chips, Protein Bars, Chocolate, Gum

Tobacco, Vapor Cigarettes, Cigars, Nicotine, Papers, Lighters CBD, Hemp Flower Kratom, Shots, Gummies, Drops, Pre-Rolls, Pain Rub

Refrigerated, Frozen Pastries, Drinks, Snacks, Bread, Desserts, Meals Grocery Drinks, Seasonal, Condiments Meals, Cooking, Cleaning Health & Beauty First Aid, Family Planning, Baby, Travel Size

General Merchandise Office Supplies, Batteries, Auto Housewares, Footware, Toys Store Supplies Cleaning, Bags, Deli, POS, Food Prep, Equipment

New Products Tobacco, Candy, CBD, Snacks, And More!

Our goal at Resnick is to help you maximize your store’s sales ! tips from our MARKETING team... 9 1 2 Product Placement: Strategically place high-margin and popular products in prominent areas of the store to increase sales. 3 Stock Management: Keep track of inventory and ensure products are always available. Out of stock means missing sales. Pricing: Price products competitively to attract customers and keep them coming back. Find the sweet spot, as you know your customer’s profile best.

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Promtoions: Offer deals and promotions to entice customers to purchase more products. Buy 3 Get 1 Free. Free coffee with purchase. Be creative! Loyalty Programs: Offer your loyal customers deals and discounts. Set up a software-based solution to drive repeat sales.

Customer Service: Excellent customer service creates a positive shopping experience. Go above and beyond when you can. It makes a differece! Cleanliness: Keep the store clean and organized to create a pleasant shopping environment. Customers can be turned off by stains, dirt and odors.

Product Variety: Stock a wide range of products to cater to different customer needs. Offer extra flavors and styles of your popular items. Food Programs: Resnick offers fresh coffee, donuts, salads and sandwiches, soup and many other ways to build a breakfast and lunch crowd.


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